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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
There shouldn't be anyone that can't gain at least some muscle on 1g/lbs at the very LEAST.
True...but I tend to use the reality Bell curve.....tell people to intake 1gram/lb of bodyweight....they really eat 0.5 grams and say they eat enough....tell people to take in 1.5grams...then eat closer to 0.8grams....etc...everyone has different protein utilization the better the quality of protein and your digestion health...the less you will need....

Lots of other wonderful tools to use such as protein and carb cycling for loading, pwo consumption, creatine, meal timing, IF when done correctly can pack on muscle, and other stuff....when in more protein, drink more water, take fish oil, eat red meat/eggs, lift heavy, add digestive enzymes or eat pineapple with protein, do no cardio, etc....

Try this trick....drink a whey protein shake of 30grams with flaxseed oil with every FULL meal (assuming 3 bigger protein/fat/carb meals)...if you cant pack on lbs like that...mix it with whole milk....if you still lose weight/ the old powerlifting trick of drinking a gallon of milk every day along with meals (may get some fat though)....and if that doesnt work.....I completely give up as you must be burning more calories than Lance Armstrong training for a race.....
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