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Originally Posted by Danny John View Post
I read that discussion you emailed me about. You explained it well...idiocy followed. Crappy metabolic work is not the answer to crappy clean technique!!!

Bottom line: cleans beat up the wrists of a young lifter. The snatch is the same movement, but they can't do that "reverse curly" thingee. teach the big movement, the jump from the RDL...then, you move the hands to the clean position. The athlete "catches" correctly and you don't have the issue of wrist pain.

Of course, as a coward and clown...what do I know? I have been teaching people how to clean since Ford was president and this is my experience.

The comment that I only care about "Masters Totals" was beyond offensive...
I actually didn't know how to reply to what was said it's like he didn't read anything I had posted on the topic. I wanted to say you are able teach the snatch to high school athletes in a group setting. There is no reason on a one on one basis to be unable to teach the snatch to a client....unless you don't know how to teach it!

I find myself posting less and less there. Thank goodness for the Performance Menu! Thanks again for replying to that email the other day, I really wanted to make sure I wasn't going off on a tangent of what you had said.
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