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Jonathan Owen
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Another Globo Gym session (I will henceforth call it the WC)
Warm up -500 m row
Back Squat- work up to heavy set of 5
Barx5x2 95x5 135x5 155x5 175x5 195x5
195x5 is a 5 rep pr
Push Press-work up to a heavy 1,2,3
45x5 65x5 95x3 135x3 155x3 175x2 185x1 &1*
(*Didn't feel like I locked it out satisfactorily, and I was pretty unstable, had to take some stutter steps etc...)
Power Snatches
barx3(high hang) 40x1+1 HHx2 sets 50x1+ohs+1HH+ohsx2 sets 50x2+2ohs
I am trying to explore the power versions a little more to help me get faster more explosive in my pull, and they are fun!
3 rounds for time
100m row
2 12 ft. rope climbs no feet
20 situps
First week of the Texas Method prog., and I have identified some weaknesses I need to work on. Its only been a week but I think this will be a good template for me for strength and Gpp/weakness work.
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