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Light OLY day (wildfire day at Catalyst Athletics 071023)

Burg w/u

1) Snatch, 5 light singles
40 kg

2) C&J, 5 light singles
50 kg
Worked first pull very well. Good speed and footwork on jerk.

3) "Chelsea"
* 5 Pull-ups
* 10 Push-ups
* 15 Squats
Each min on the min for 30 min

This was my first Chelsea. I do a 24-round Cindy, but I haven't worked these exercises in a couple weeks (other than pullups). I kept the same pace throughout the workout, about 40-42 seconds per round, and finished just as I started. I didn't do any extra rounds because I didn't want to overwork myself going into this weekend (and my hands were starting to shred), but 30 was pretty easy.
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