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Jonathan Owen
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I normally have to work on tues night, but I had tonight off. Training was at WS S&C. Winter is officially here, the snowfall is 5 " for now.

warmup-jump rope, burg pvc and light power snatches

27.5x3(power) 40x1p2deck 50x2 57.5x1x1f 57.5x1fx1 57.5x2 61x2(ugly2nd rep) 61x2 (pretty decent)
1st time doing full snatches since meet and form was a little iffy, off the floor was good but timing was the problem.
Back Squat (kilos)x
barx5 40x5 60x3 70x2 80x2 87.5x5x4
Theses were really good tonight!
Push Press
40x5 45x5 50x2 60x2 77.5x1x1f 77.5x1 65x3x3
I wanted to increase 5 #s from last weeks 6x3, not in the tank tonight!
Wasnt going to happen, so I backed down to 65x3x3. I was pissed about it but, "They can't all be gems."
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