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Originally Posted by Patrick Donnelly View Post
Today I did a 275x3x5 round of jump squats, and I managed (just barely leaving the ground) but I have some questions about them...

1. How should you land? On the forefoot? Should you fall back to the heel as you descend? Should your foot position change at all?
2. Is it normal to feel a bit of discomfort in the knees while doing this? This is the most weight I've ever loaded on my back (more than I can backsquat, by far).
3. Is it better to go heavy and just barely leave the ground, or to go a bit lighter and higher?
4. Does anyone else love how PVC pipe reps between sets feel like you're flying?
1. Try to do an air jump squat and land on your heel. Not very comfortable is it? Don't do this with a load on your back either. You should land in the same position you jumped from.

2. No it's not normal.

3. The intent is to move the bar fast, even if the reality is that the bar doesn't move fast. The load is something that is dictated by what you are doing them for.

4. Um doesn't pvc sets of squats always feel like your flying? heh.
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