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Re: Jordan
I'm doing them to try to build speed, but doing them heavy with "the intent is to move the bar fast, even if the reality is that the bar doesn't move fast," as Allen said.

I land on my forefoot, then come back to the heel, and squat with my weight over the midfoot. I wouldn't ever imagine squatting with my heels off the ground. The "discomfort" really isn't pain, and it doesn't last after the workout, but it does feel a bit weird. I can't explain it.

Re: Allen
Well, the PVC pipe feels even lighter than normal. Hahah.

Re: Garrett
They are dangerous even when doing them correctly?

I was thinking of doing jumping pistols instead (unweighted, of course), but they are much harder to note progress with. Hm. Maybe they'd be a better choice anyway.
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