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Hey Guys, many thanks for the replies and many apologies for the delayed response......

SO.... I have recently seperated from a long term unhappy relationship which was seriously affecting my drive and determination for physical workouts. Not to harp on about it but my passion for physical fitness was not supported and we were forever arguing which made ... life.... that... much harder..... And i wonder how much of my gains were in some way inhibited by the constant anger, frustration and arguments experienced resulting in lack of quality sleep and mental "clogging"......

Now I am returning back to this subject with a renewed vigour..... in hindsight I made some nice gains with the training schedule in the morning adding 4kg in 3 weeks..... (78kg - 82kg) and maintaining that weight

Since going back to a PM (night time) only workout schedule I have dropped those 4kg and seem to be in limbo - I cant gain any more muscle
(weight) or cut down my body fat - resulting in more frustration......

My food intake is pretty much the same as listed before except I have cut the juice out to 1 glass a day with lunch and mix coconut milk with the protein shake instead of the juice...... I also add a considerable splash of olive oil to my lunch for extra calories..... I am getting more rest now than before, am lifting more with more rest in between but am still not getting "results" ...... It's really hard as I dont want to lose the athletic side of things for BJJ by only lifting heavy and losing the power endurance type stuff.

I have been doing the following schedule and am not achieving much......

T Oly LIFT -IE snatches - power cleans, weighted pulls etc
W Stretching - Gymnastics
T Oly Lifting - IE Deadlifts, Snatch Complex, Dips etc (maybe small metcon)
F Rest
S Rings Workout
S Rest

Im wondering if to return back to the "AM & PM" lifting schedule and hopefully achieve the same if not more results than before what would need to be added to make it work - I have adjusted my work schedule to start 1HR later the days i would be doing a morning workout thus getting up at the same time every day but doing a workout 3 mornings..... Also if more calories are required what is the best way... more olive oil????

The schedule would now look like this
M - Snatches work to heavy double & mall rings circuit
W - Clean & Jerk work to heay double & small rings circuit
F - Front Squat work to heavy double & small rings circuit

T - Oly LIFT -IE snatches - power cleans, weighted pulls etc
W - stretching - Adult Gymnastics Class
T - Metcon / Complexes

Sorry for the long winded message but hopefully this will provide a little more insight into me and help the answers come..... Also as you can see im trying to keep myself busy to help deal with the "void" from my relationship split.....

Again many thanks for your responses....

Kind Regards
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