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Troy, I read your thread, as well. Congrats. It was fun, and I was just happy to get my lifts in. I competed in 94 kg. I weighed in at 87 kg; I didn't want to sacrifice any more to get in 85 kg.

I didn't know what Sinclair was until I googled it. I'm too new to the sport to do well enough and too stupid to figure it all out. I weighed 87 kg, snatched 75 kg, and C&J'd 105. It was good bull.

My technique was extremely raw, but it gets better every session. It might even be worth a damn in 18 months or so. My first lift was actually a muscle snatch. The rest were power versions (I don't have the cods to get under the bar yet). Here are my third attempts:

75 kg snatch

80 kg snatch (tried it in big room...pressed it out, would've been red-lighted)

105 kg C&J
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