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Default A/C (acromioclavicular) joint issues with increased overhead lifting?

So, now that I'm doing the CA WOD I'm realizing that I've never done so much overhead lifting/support work in my entire life.

At the start, I was really noticing the musculature around/over my clavicles was staying tired/sore most of the time. No big deal. I was pretty sure that came from all of the dynamic pulling that OL brings with it.

Now my A/C joints, as much as joints can be, are "sore" most of the time. Not what I'd go so far as to call pain, although I am taking precaution and treating the worse side (left) with some cold laser on occasion. I'm figuring it is the overhead work. Has anyone else experienced this, is it a normal adaptation phase to all the overhead work in OL? If it's normal, which I think it might be, I'll just adjust and wait for the adaptation to take place. If it's not, I want to figure it out.

Could this be related to my grip width during pressing?

I have no history of significant shoulder issues, nor of any shoulder separations.
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