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Crap! I forgot to mention it here when I completely changed my training protocol. Hahah, my bad.

I didn't like the way the higher rep stuff was feeling, so I moved to a low-rep, high set plan: three ME lift days a week (plus Tabatas), 1 PB MetCon day, 1 regular MetCon day.

I've noticed a decrease in my ability to run distances of 400m+, but my 200m time has dropped to a solid 30s now (from ~33s). Once I get to a solid 28s, I'm going to start tacking on 100m at a time. I'm running 3x200m after the warm-ups; once the times get more steady (not worsening like 30s, 31s, 33s), I'll up the volume too. Even though medium distance runs are getting harder, it simply isn't possible to run a 4:11.5 mile with a 200m of 33s.

I have a feeling that I'll have to begin including more MetCon in March, but not quite yet.
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