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Not to put a downer on this but remember that you can get intestinal parasites through eating raw meat or fish. Besides pork, where everyone knows you have to cook it, other meats can contain parasites. My wife got one when she was younger and you may lose your taste for raw meat when you find you have a 20 ft tapeworm. Of course, for losing weight, it can't be beat.

I believe many of the cultures that eat raw meat also combine it with marinades or other techniques that minimize the chance of infection by parasites. Not to mention that paleo man was probably riddled by parasites.

Family/work safe but pretty gross: talks about coughing up your tapeworm, etc.

Also, I believe that pregnant women are particularly at risk from toxoplasmosis which commonly comes from cat boxes but I believe may also be directly transferable from raw food (not sure but better check with the doctor).
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