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I actually have been push jerking lately in order to avoid the issue completely.

I'm reconsidering the whole issue, as I'd rather be a healthy mid-pack OL lifter than the soon-to-be-in-the-scrap-heap winner. To me, healthy likely includes all three types--weak side, strong side, and straight on (push jerk).

I'm going to start split jerking more, especially above 90%. Part of it is that my clean is definitely more than I can handle push jerking. I'll likely only do "strong side" above 90%. I really do like the feel of push jerking, and I sub KB jerks into the CA metcons often, so that will probably work on both issues. I'll work in "weak side" on the buildup sets, maybe with some extra reps just to get a little more balance.

On that note, I was recently thinking that I haven't been including my B squats like I should. I'm going to get back to those as well.

My opinion on creating imbalances would be that someone who trains a ton of OL and does all their jerks "strong side" may be creating an imbalance. A simple test might be to see how big a discrepancy there is between sides. While I don't know a good number, I'd think a lot more than 10% would be a bad sign. I have a feeling that someone doing the CA WOD is getting in enough "equal" unilateral and bilateral training that it won't be an issue.
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