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Anton Emery
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For the past few weeks i have been trying to add weight to my deadlift every strength workout. I have just been doing a simple strength routine once a week similar to what Robb Wolf talks about when training Glen Cordoza. I figured i would try something like this once a week and see how it meshed with my grappling training and conditioning.

3-5x3 deadlifts
3-5x3 weighted chins
3-5x3 weighted dips

Since i am leaving for the holidays tonight i wanted to test my max deadlift before taking a break. Managed to pull 300 for one rep. I realize my previous max of 270 could have been heavier. 300 was a total different kind of effort, i was straining so hard on the way up i couldn't really see to well. Grip also seemed to be a limiting factor, i didnt mix grip it. I was going to try, but it felt kind of wierd. I should work on that with lower weights. At 168lbs i think double BW is doable fairly soon, especially if i drop these few pounds of holiday food.

After the break i will switch it up for a different movement, perhaps squats or snatch grip DL's, then retest later.

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