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Jonathan Owen
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Default Way Behind on journal entries

I have a couple of entries to make up.

This done on 12/12/07 after work in the a.m.
Done at WC
warm up 2x250m row
Burgener +3 pow sn. +5 ohs
Pow Clean
Bar x3HH 40x1+1HHx2 50x1+1HHx2 60x1+1HHx2 60x2HHx3 60x1+1HH
Push Press
barx5 40x3 50x3 60x2 71x3x6
strict pullups (martone)


warmup 500m row
10-10 air squats
burg warm up

Hang Pow Sn.
barx5 65#sx3 40x1+1Hx3 45x1+1H 45x2Hx4
Back Squats
95x5 135x5 155x5 185x2 200x5x3
I wanted 5x5 but something just didnt feel right, so I went with my gut and cut short at 3x5, next time.
Back Ext.
5xBW 2x8 25# plate across chest

Experimented with training am and pm today due to busy schedule with work and holiday stuff. In hindsight I dont know how good of an idea it is to train after staying up all night, I will have to experiment with it some more.
I dont know what happened with the squatting, something just didn't feel right (besides the stupid mirror!)
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