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Default Snowed In!

This was done on 12/14/07
Training session at Wilson Spencer was cancelled due to the 7 in. of snow we got, the normal 15 min drive would have been an hour, and then there is the shoveling to do as well.
warmup 10 pushups 10 situps 10 squatsx3
KB C&P + pullup ladders
35# x2 (3 rungs) 28 kgx3 (3 rungs)
could only press the 28 kg for the single rep rungs, anything over a single I had to push press.
Pistols (oly shoes worn)
5x2 L and R

Homemade Glute Ham Raise
Put my 3 k-bells on a wooden chair and was able to use it as a glute ham. As a result found out how much my glute ham strength really sucks! I resisted as much as possible on the way down and gave myself a little push out of the bottom.
k-bell swing 28kg (to fore-head height)
Rest was double time it took to complete reps
50 situps total to finish
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