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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
I think what you laid out will work for you as long as your recovery is really, really dialed in. You also could go with the main CF WOD as was mentioned by Rob.

I was having a conversation about this last night. I do the CA WOD and train anywhere from 1 to 5 times a week in BJJ and MMA. Mostly BJJ with the gi. Lately I have been shying away from additional BJJ training because I don't want to be in an over trained state and my focus has been on O/Lift performance.

I am also probably under trained as a strength athlete. The conversation I was having was am I an O/Lifter who does BJJ or a BJJ player who O/Lifts? That really drives how you schedule your workouts.

My answer, in short I don't know what I am. I am more than likely going to compete masters age group blue belt in some tournaments starting in June or July. If that pans out the way it is looking I will have to change my training to something more like what Rob laid out in the PM article.
Sort of like what Greg said in his article about the 3 types of CF+Oly people. I thought that was really well laid out and I'm definitely a Crossfitting weightlifter as opposed to the other 2 types.

Pure CrossFitter: The individual is a pure CrossFitter; that is, he or she is interested in nothing more than excelling at the prescribed workout of the day, which will often include Olympic lifts.

Weightlifting CrossFitter: The individual is primarily a CrossFitter, but is motivated to improve his or her lifting to a degree that exceeds the requirements of the WOD.

CrossFitting Weightlifter: The individual is interested in being a competitive weightlifter at a level that allows continued CrossFitting at some reasonable level.
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