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Jonathan Owen
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This was done before work at 3 pm at home

warm up 20 35#kbell swings each hand
then partial range HSPU (3"Block) 3-3-3
C&P 35#kb 3r eps then 5
20 2 hand swings 35#
Pistols +strict kb press (28 KG)
3+1 2+1 1(25#)+1 1(35#)+1x3
I feel like a hold balance on the pistols more when they are weighted, they were nice and deep. Presses were singles because in the past I fail when going for 2 with my left hand, the singles felt really strong today.
chins 2x10

home made GHR 3-3-3
Yup! I still suck at these!
Tabata squat
I have been frustrated because I havent been able to get any oly work in the last week. This due to the busy work and holiday schedule and wilson spencer is moving locations. I have been trying to get what I can when I can, I have had a nasty cold the past week; the good news is I found a power lifting gym that is o-lift freindly. It is a little further drive then the WC, but they are freindly and encourage chalk and heavy training. They also have a GHR, reverse hyper, box squat box, platform, and best of all, no mirrors in front of the squat racks! YES! They only have one set of bumpers, but it will be worth the drive to have a place where I can at least do strength work.
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