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Kevin Perry
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I think you need to start back form square 1 and rethink everything slowly and don't over think it all and over "detail" it. Diet and exercise are actually very simple. You should probably just stick to realistic goals and attack those each one at a time until you start finding where you want to be . For example, on diet. It seems like to me your are overly concerned with staying within zone proportions that you are willing to skip foods if they are not zone foods. This is why I tend to stay away from the zone. Some people strive for too much perfection and it can lead to unhealthy habits.

Like Derek Said, stick to short term realistic goals first and build up from there. Don't try to rush things.

For the record, we are the same height. I fell to 123 lbs in the summer because I didn't get enough food in and was CF'ng like crazy and working 10's and 12's at the plant 6 days a week. To fix that I had to find my priorities: weight gain and strength. Dropped CF for a while, upped calories to 3000ish and lifted and rested. You have to not worry about BF and fat gain because it's necessary for going up in weight. After around 3 months or so I hit 143 and jumped back to CF for a while, now im at 135 and back to mass gain ready to hit round to to eventually get up to 155 - 165.
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