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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
For one, you're definitely not around 4-5% BF, lol. If you were, you'd be ripped to shreds like the bodybuilders in your weight class... which obviously you're not.

The trip probaly put some fat on ya when you ate caloric excess because your body was in starvation mode. Nothing much to worry about.. it's not that bad.

In any case, yeah up the cals and start heavy lifting + metcon again. I'm curious what does your routine look like? I don't think it's healthy to try to gain back all that weight at once. I think most of it is water weight so definitely hydrate yourself, but trying to gain stuff back to fast is only going to put on fat.
Yeah, I have a feeling the Barry Sears BF% Calculator doesn't work too well, but whatever.
I dunno what I was thinking, I basically starved myself to lose muscle and then ate to get fat. Oh well, you guys are right, I just need to relax about it and get back on the horse.

Here's a couple of randomly selected days on the Ruthless Regimen when I was lifting + metcon:
Barbell Thrusters 7 x 3
and then
5 rounds, resting only to add weight:
5 manmakers - 25 lbs.
10 floor presses - 135 lbs. (I used 75 lbs.)
15 Neider presses - 45 lbs.

Deadlifts 10 x 10, resting precisely 60 seconds between sets and adding weight each set [err, trying]
and then
Intervals of 500 meter row sprint, 30 seconds rest until you break

Derek, thanks for putting it in perspective.

Sarena, I was getting 8+ hours of sleep for the majority of fall term, and almost never dipped below 7 hours, aside from an all-nighter or two (it's college). This was definitely not the case on the trip: long days, late nights. Right now, my sleep isn't as solid, but I'm chalking it up to jet-lag (I went to Israel).

Originally Posted by Kevin Perrey
seems like to me your are overly concerned with staying within zone proportions that you are willing to skip foods if they are not zone foods. This is why I tend to stay away from the zone. Some people strive for too much perfection and it can lead to unhealthy habits.
OK, I recognize that the Zone kind of takes up a big mental footprint for me, but I knew what to at school and I felt "dialed-in." It feels good to eat a bunch of veggies, fruit, protein, fat, and avoid the bread. Of course, you take away 100% control over what I eat, and I'm clueless. Right now I have no idea if I should be bulking up, cutting down, upping fat intake, anything.

Let's take yesterday and today as an example:
4 block breakfast, 2x fat
4 block lunch, 2x fat
did "Joshie" off the CF WOD
2 block snack, 2x fat
went out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant: ate ~4oz seafood and a few cups of eggplant dripping in some kind of garlic sauce, no rice, ~1 oz pork, ~2 oz sole fish, half of a scallion bready pancake, and a scant amount of cabbage.

Rest day
2 block breakfast
Brunch at grandma's: 2 egg omelette with feta cheese, 2 or 3 pieces of french toast (I forget), ~2 oz of bacon, 1/2 a grapefruit
Snack: 1 cup milk, 2 stalks celery, 1 oz brisket, 1/2 oz deli turkey, 8 pecan halves

The question for Christmas dinner is whether to eat the whole cheesecake, or avoid it like the plague. I would be happy to do either, but I don't know what to do!

I want strength and power, I want to get my muscle mass back and then some. I want to keep some conditioning up, because ultimately I need to fence well. Big and bulky + fencing = not good. With that in mind, I feel like it's crappy that I gained a little fat from where I was. So... more muscle, less fat, more strength + power, more metcon... My priorities are a little conflicting, so I'm a little confused.
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