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Originally Posted by Ben Moskowitz View Post
I agree, the whole beauty of PMenu and Crossfit is you focus on performance and the rest follows. I'm just curious what is the caloric excess supposed to look like. Zone with fat multiplier? Paleo food, but just eating til I'm stuffed? Gallons of milk? Metabolic Diet or intermittant fasting? If I get off the Zone, I don't know what's "normal," please fill me in.

I'll eat the cheesecake.
Caloric excess is just taking in more calories than your body burns per day. As long as you eat more than normal you'll start to gain... If you follow the Zone then all you would need to do is up your fat blocks and probably protein blocks until you notice weight gain. Paleo is the same,IF in my opinion is not desirable for mass gain but is possible.

Probably the simplist method is drinking a gallon of milk a day if you can handle it, mass gainer shakes, coconut milk, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches etc. Not the cleanest way but it works. Lots of people here can give you the best ideas for your goals. From what I can gather you probably want to eat as clean as possible during your gain. Thats why I think it will be difficult and may frustrate you.

Take a journal and log what you already eat and then go from there. Add more food and weigh yourself after a week and see if there is a difference in weight.
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