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Default Neuralgia

Originally Posted by Susie Rosenberg View Post
The last couple of times I did deadlifts (with someone watching my form), I experienced L'Hermitte sign: a sensation akin to an electric shock traveling down my arms. The weights were actually fairly light at the time.

I'm assuming in my case, it's caused by cervical spine issues, since one year ago, I had two herniated discs and now I have plates and screws at C5/6 and C6/7. My doctors told me I have a fair amount of osteoarthritis of the cervical spine.

I know I need to evaluate this with my physician, but I'm wondering how pathological this symptom might other words, does anyone else experience this, and if so, what's do you do about it?

Have you heard of this before?

Thanks so much,
1) You sort of answered your own question, to some extent. Whether the herniated discs still the underlying cause of pinching the cervical roots of the nerves, or the unstable muscular support of the neck is causing the roots to get pinched, remains unknown.

2) Osteoarthritis would not cause pain that shot remotely. Osteoarthritis is a local joint disease that causes localized pain.

3) Would a calcium deficiency cause acute neuralgia (nerve pain) upon compression?

4) Nerve pinching could also be caused by weak and unconditioned muscles that thin out when stretched and squeeze the underlying nerve. A good example is the winging of the scapula that is caused by lifting heavy dumbbells. In that case, the Trapezius muscle thins out under tension and severs the long thoracic nerve that supplies the muscles that hold the scapulas to the chest. The muscle becomes paralyzed and the recovery takes few months for the nerve re-grow.
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