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OK, my most pressing goals are to gain the muscle I lost and maybe then some, and to gain strength and power. It would be nice to learn/improve skills like muscle ups, handstands, and HSPUs. Eventually, I would like to be as lean or leaner than I was before, because I'm shallow.

Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell
Fat gain is mostly spillover effect from additional carbs that are not replenishing muscle glycogen, so those will have to be monitored and changed. Have your higher carbs on when your muscles are the most sensitive on workout days pwo window 1-2 hours, and keep lower carbs/higher fat and protein on the others. Remember that muscles grow when you are not working them don't try and do too much unless you know how to vary the intensity properly. That and plenty of protein of course.
Is this a gem of information I should be following? So maybe a breakfast of eggs, olive oil, and an apple on workout day tomorrow, and follow the workout with a bunch of sweet potatoes and some turkey? On rest days I just eat meat, almonds, and lettuce?

I was thinking ME + metcon for this week along the lines of the CA WOD, until I resume the Ruthless Gym program (which will be strength/power oriented coming up). Only problem is I don't have any semblance of Oly technique, percentages, or perhaps bumper plates, so it might just be Front Squat 5x5 or something.

Thanks again guys!
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