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An old thread

But here it is, the day after xmas, and I'm not eating until noon, giving me a 15hr fast.

More thoughts and reasons... post Thanksgiving and during my Amsterdam trip I somehow managed to lean out a little, despite erratic exercise. While traveling I wasn't eating as often, even though I ate well, and I think this all was part of it. Whether this has affected my strength, who can say, as missing max oly lifts after just a couple workouts back into it doesn't really say much, but I'm drinking more of Art's Kool Aid, or something like that.

So we'll continue to see. I weighed in at 78kg last meet, down about 3kg. Performance is still the main goal, and I'd still like to be a lean 83-85kg someday, but we'll just keep lifting.
MIght have to give up my (fat) bastardo title, though...
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