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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
Does the sensation run down any particular side of your arms, to any particular fingers, perhaps?

One important thing I concentrate on while lifting is consciously relaxing/releasing my posterior neck muscles, that may help with any impingement that is going on.

If you need any suggestions as to therapies you might utilize, ask here or PM me.
I think it runs down to the thumb-side, but I'm not certain. Next time I DL, I will pay more attention to the symptom, but I guess I'm resigning myself to being tentative about weight lifting, especially heavy, given the condition of my neck. (I know from my experience a year ago, I have osteophytes and areas of osteoarthritis at other levels. I need to not herniate whatever discs are left in there! Two are already gone and fused, limiting my ROM, especially in extension.)

If the structure is weak, what can be done about that, other than eliminate nightshades, get adequate calcium and Vit. D, and take fish oil? (All of which I do!)

Sheesh, this is just no fun. I wanted a 200 lb. DL, and it looks like it ain't gonna happen.

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