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Originally Posted by John Alston View Post
Holy crap slow down. This thread gives me a headache. Every answer is met with more questions, the goals stated keep changing...
What do you want to do? Skills? Fence? Power and size?
If it's fence, talk to your coach. Power and size? Don't fear the fat - on your body, or in the food. Lean mass gain? It's tough, but Steve's idea of:
Heavy lifting + sprints + good food + sleep = strength + mass
is very good. Add a random IF day for extra leanness.
But trying to do all of those will pull you all over, man.

I have to assume this is a joke, right? Otherwise you're bonkers. Both responses are nuts. A whole cheesecake? If an upset stomach is your goal. Avoid like the plague? Treating minor issues, like a slice of CAKE, like a disease, is just as foolish.
OK I talked it over with the coach. The next month is going to be size, strength, and power with a few select days of metcon to keep up the anaerobic conditioning. Ex: Today was DL 10x10 in, out, done. He wants me to eat 3-4000 cals/day, with a boatload of protein, and solid, stick-to-the-ribs food.

Can anyone recommend a more dialed-in, maybe Paleo-inspired meal plan? Meal timing, etc? Meat and potatoes sounds good, but I feel like I have the discipline to do better.

and yeah... I feel like when in neurotic Zone land, the cheesecake seems scary. I have come to grips with the fact that
a) I haven't gained that much fat
b) I haven't lost that much muscle
c) Bulking up doesn't require asinine decisions about food
d) neurotic behavior = bad.

I started a fitday log FWIW:
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