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Ben Moskowitz
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I kind of agree, at my level I bet SS or Bill Starr would work the best. I'll talk it over.

OK, I have a new, more specific question. I feel like carbs are potentially the enemy for a clean bulk. As I understand it, I only want enough to fill my muscle and liver glycogen stores, but not enough to start storing fat. How do I know about how much to eat (in grams)? Should I carb-load only PWO, but reduce carbs on rest days and before working out?

Right now I'm thinking
Training Day
30g protein
lotsa fat
small amount of fruit, like one apple

same as breakfast, substitute veggies for fruit

lotsa yams or something
20-30g protein

30g protein
low GI veggies

probably snacks of fat+protein in there somewhere

Rest Day
No yams, more low GI veggies, replace carbs with more fat

yesterday = training day
2772 cals
209g C
183g P
139g F

weight is 125, LBM probably like.. 112?
supposed caloric expenditure was 2365 cals. Too little excess cals? Too much?

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