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Ben Moskowitz
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oh man, I just thought of one more thing:
So I was told no more gymnastics or extra training. Big bar lifts, in, out, eat. Obviously I won't be doing 100 pullups for time unless it's called for. What about things I would consider skills, like handstands and pistols? Will GTGing hinder growth? I mean, probably skills I'm more strength deficient in like HSPUs and pullups (OAC..hahaha) are out the window. Right now I'm on break, and I feel like I have a little time on my hands. Of course, probably the thing I most should GTG is stretching, cuz I'm really sore (and inflexible)...

Stephen, I guess your workouts are much more (advanced) skill-based than mine, but how does that play a factor in your programming?
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