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Default Olympic Weightlifting and Yoga

I have been CFing for a little over a year pretty regularly. I got into CF thru one of the instructors in my yoga teacher training course and was slowly hooked. I say CF for just over a year b/c it took me a few months to do the CFWU in less than an hour!! Pitiful I know!

Anyway, now I am CFing less and Olifting 3x week, prepping for my first meet in Feb. I will be 46 in January.

SO my question is such, I am quite flexible but find some flexibilty has decreased
lately and this concerns me. I teach yoga several times a week but decreased my own practice the last few months. I would like to get back into it while maintaining my Olifting. I saw on a thread on Mikes Gym that Coach Greg feels yoga is not a fitting adjunct to Olifting and was curious as to why and/or any other input regarding Olifting and yoga.

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