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Originally Posted by Susie Rosenberg View Post


1. If you've coached (or are) a weightlifting female, is there anything about the Starting Strength progressions that need to be modified? I'm thinking given how skittish I am about getting hurt that I should not go up the ladder quite so fast.

2. Given the limitations I've noted above, is there anything I shouldn't do?

3. Is there anything I can do for the elbow tendinitis when I lift? For example, yesterday I was doing push-jerks (with supervision) and while I could do the lift, it hurt my left elbow (medial aspect in anatomic position) like the dickens bringing the bar back down to my chest.

4. Any general tips for me starting out would be greatly appreciated. I am very ambivalent about weightlifting. I really want to get stronger, but I'm pretty skittish. I hate weightlifting. I love having lifted.

1) i wish i had been able to stick to the SS program, id probably would have achieved some nice gains. i just liked oly and cf too much to have stuck it out. anyway, i started SS and found that i could not keep pace with the continual increase in weight every session. you'll just know, by exertion, when increasing the weight for a set of 5 just isn't feasible. in those instances, i just repeated the last session's weight. a set of fractionals would have been nice, especially for the press, as well.

2) how is your form? given your limitations from surgery, are you able to achieve proper structural alignment in the DL/squat? do you have limited flexibility from soft tissue elsewhere? i ask because until i worked on my flexibility and got soft tissue work.... i was scared of heavy squats and dl's out of fear of injury. but once i felt solid in the position, lifting heavy feels muscularly tough... not injury inducing.

3) i love CF, but i really shy away from the high-rep long duration wods. i generally stick to sub 10 min - sub 15 wods. like others said, you may want to back off CF all the time to reduce tendonitis/overuse issues. ive found you can maintain a decent amount of GPP on 2-3 wods/ week.... where again, these would be 21-15-9 couplets/triplets... not angie, murph, etc.
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