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Originally Posted by sarena kopciel View Post
SO my question is such, I am quite flexible but find some flexibilty has decreased
lately and this concerns me. I teach yoga several times a week but decreased my own practice the last few months. I would like to get back into it while maintaining my Olifting. I saw on a thread on Mikes Gym that Coach Greg feels yoga is not a fitting adjunct to Olifting and was curious as to why and/or any other input regarding Olifting and yoga.
You are venturing into uncharted territories. I trained on weightlifting for 42 years and discovered yoga only recently. Yoga helped me continue lifting the way I was in my early thirties. You will not find a single expert on the combination of yoga and OL and most of the given advice is hypothetical. To sum my point, I would say the following:

1) Flexibility and laxity are two different things. You could be flexible and still have the highly controlled joints for weightlifting.

2) Loss of flexibility is not often reversible. Many weightlifters have lost felicity in many joints with no hope for undoing the change.

3) I suggest that when you read an article or find an opinion on such interesting topic, you should search the background of the source. Many sources make unsubstantiated claims on issues out of its scope of practical expertise.

Enjoy yoga and weightlifting and you will never regret their benefits.

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