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Jonathan Owen
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Default Dec 31st at powerzone(new gym)

warmup-500 m row
burgener broomstick+10 ohs
burgener w bar

The Exercise(DJ)
40x1 50x1 60x1 60x1
only went to 60, but they felt really good technically and speed wise!
40x3 60x3 72x3 82x2 90x2x3(this was really 200# but I was converting as close as possible)
65x5 95x3 115x2 135x1
Need tighter abs when pressing
GHR 8-8-5
chins 2x10
this was intended to be a moderate first training session after 2 week layoff,I felt really strong in the front squat and snatches. 90 is my current best C&J, I took the doubles rock bottom and I could have easily trippled it. I was also expecting some rust in my technique, and although it was only 60, I felt good technically and fast. Very happy about that!
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