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Jonathan Owen
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Default 1-3-08 Pw zone

warmup 500 m row
burgener w/broomstick+10air sq.
10 ohs broomstick
pow cl. 40x1+2hhx3
Rack Jerk
barx3 40x3 50x3 60x3 72x1 81x1x3
wanted to go heavier but felt a little sketchy so I stayed there
back sq.
bar x5 135x5 165x3 185x3 205x2 225x2x3
The first set at 225 felt really easy, the next 2 had slower bar speed but I still had them the whole way.
bar dips
40x8 50x8 50x8
first 2 sets toes on 2x4
db complex
1 rep = 2db dl's+2 pc+2thrusters

30#x3 35#x3 40#x3 40#x2 (slightly different structure)
rest was taken according to "feel"
this got me breathing fairly hard but wasn't too taxing
Even though it wasn't too taxing my metcon still sucks!
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