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Susie Rosenberg
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Well, today was pretty disconcerting.

I did well with squats, no neuro symptoms, but DLing was another story.

I did ok up until 135 lbs., which just wasn't heavy at all, but man did I have scary symptoms. I got intense electric shock sensations in both upper and lower extremities bilaterally, and then I had a few minutes of residual motor clumsiness and numbness in my left thumb, index and middle fingers.

Clearly, something is amiss in a big way.

I know there are worse things if it means that I can't lift heavy, or can't do deadlifts at all....I know I should go back to my neurosurgeon and update my MRI....but it stinks because I know he's going to tell me not to lift weights in any serious way, and that bums me out big time. I'm also worried about the rest of my exercise capacity.

Maybe I'll have to become a bodyweight exercise specialist, she said, looking for a silver lining....

I'm seriously bummed. I wanted to be a badass 'ole mama.

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