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Default Oly programming for my 8 year old

Hello All,
I took my 8 year old daughter to my last meet, She loved it and immediately wanted to compete.
She is currently training once or twice a week, something like this.

Burgener warm up, RDL, and OH squat, all with PVC

Snatch work up to 15k
Cln & J up to 19k (lots of hang and floor variations with both movements to keep her attention)

then fun stuff - pushups, pullups, situps etc...

Monday or Tuesday
Deadlift or Squat variation
Conservative totals:

Dead Lift 34.5k
B Squat 31k
F Squat 22.5k

My daughter is still excited to compete (looking at April or August) and she is asking for more. Should I add a little more work load. Is she ready?

Here is some back ground:
8 (9 in April) years old
weight 29k

Gymnastics from age 4 to 6
2 years of soccer, 3 years of baseball, 1 year basketball, CrossFit now and then for the past 2 years,and Karate for about a year.
She loves squats, and the Clean & jerk
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