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Jonathan Owen
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Default Done on 1-5-08 at Power Zone

warmup 500m row 1:53:22
Gonna start timing the row
broom ohsx10 bar ohsx10+air squatx10
Pow. Sn +ohs
40x3 44.6x3 51x1 55x1(wasnt vicious enough pulling under) 55x1 60x1x3
135x5 185x3 225x2 275x2x3
Farmers walk
80# d-bells for 60 ft.

Farmers walk and burpees
85# d-bells 30 ft
10 burpees
85# d-bells 30 ft yds
10 burpees
I did this 3 times with a minute rest in between each walk. Wanted to finish of the session with some good gpp, this fit the bill!

I havent dl'ed in a long time, I wanted to work up to something that felt moderate to heavy and work on having as strict of form as possible. (I am reading starting strength for the 2nd time through) I have kept them out up until now because I didn't want anything interfering with clean/snatch tech. I want to add them in but if they start messing with my olift tech. I will drop them immediately.
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