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Anton Emery
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After rethinking things a bit i may just scale back to one workout a day. Use Mon Wed and Fri go to go evening classes at CF Portland, and keep Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sun as potential Jits days. I may necessarily not go all those days, i need at least one day off a week. What i have been doing mostly now is working out hard at lunch, then grappling after work on some days. I just dont think my body recovers in time, and as a result i cant grapple as hard in class. I did Ross's Magic 50 yesterday at lunch, and at night had some pretty intense grappling matches. I was trying to hold this guy's back and could feel my arms and shoulders just going all rubbery. Extra conditioning sessions are obviously important, but i dont think they should impair actual sport practice. If i could work out early in the morning then two a days might be more feasible.

I am going to keep my regular gym membership for now because its cheap and if i want to workout on a weekend or some other time i can. The manager said i can move stuff out of the way and bring in my own bumpers to do powercleans, which is pretty cool.

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