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Default Power Bias 2 article

Just read the Power Bias 2 article. Good stuff. It reinforced thoughts I have had relating to sprinting.

I had been doing tabata sprints weekly in my training. Tabata sprinting is brutal, with my 4th-8th rounds conducted at greatly reduced speed (relative to my absolute maximum speed). I recently abandoned these tabata sprints for 100m sprints followed by 2 minutes of rest (spent walking back to the start line). I do this for 6-10 sets. Following this plan, I see minimal increase in my overall time from my first to last set (and thus little reduction in power output).

My rationale for following this protocol was that both the tabatas and what I recently adopted leave me as a wreck, heaving for breath and semi-naseous. I opted to stick with the one where I'm peforming the work at a higher power output.

Now we'll see how I do on a 5k in 4 weeks on this minimal amount of running training.
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