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Jonathan Owen
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Default 1-10-08 The WC (man this place sucks!)

warm up
500 m row
10 squat +10 ohs w bar
Rack Jerk
3p+2sx bar 40x3s 40x3p 50x2p+1s 60x2p+1s x2 69x2p+1sx4 80x1sx2
p=power s=split

Front Squat
40x3 60x3 70x3 80x2 90x2x3
Really weird trying to do these in a mirror
Rom deadlift
40x6 50x10 60x8
I have a love hate relationship with these. Sometimes I feel them working really well, and other times I feel I dont have any clue how to do them.
Incline Situps
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