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You're making neurotic upper-east-side females look healthy.
True that. Too much, too much.

I just have one straightforward set of questions now.

If one was to go cyclic low-carb, would the carb-up day ideally occur on a rest day, or a training day? For a 5-on-2-off schedule, or a 3-1 schedule? Would you want to be slightly calorically restricted on that carb up if it was on a rest day or training day (as was delved into in some other thread... I can't find it now)

Here's some more gold... thought I would make a useful (re)post:
Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell
5) Try carb timing. On my training days I try to get 75% of my carbs PWO in the form of complex and some simple carbs. I toy around too see how my body responds...blood sugar drops in the hours after, fat addition on the waist, etc. The rest of the day is more Protein+Veg+Fat. Maybe some Fruit in the AM too. Every day is different, but I usually see good results. Too many carbs at the wrong time just goes right to my waist as I know I have insulin resistance issues...but the PWO timeframe of 1-2hours seems to work well for me in maintaining leanness.
This is what I'm aiming for now, because I'm basically cooking all my meals. I might try CLC or MD for easier scheduling with school and stuff.

This is a good thread too (wfs):
Metabolic Diet and Me

Probably the biggest revelation is if you're using the Zone, you can just swap out carbs for 3x fat blocks on the fly in a Veg+Pro+Fat meal. Then you swap in the carbs in the PWO meal or on the carb-load day I guess, and dial out the fat. If I can manage to keep track of the numbers, this might be the easiest way. Although, it's probably best to lay down a routine of a certain number of blocks per meal, so I get a feel for how the swap in-out process happens in terms of what's on my plate.
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