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Guys, thanks. I'm most interested in your comments on his plan. He seemed a well respected guy in the sports training community so I'm giving his nutrition plan more attention than I normally would. Still, he calls for 5-10lbs weight gain in 10 days followed by a near equivalent loss in 4 days, leaving a 1lb net gain of muscle. I wonder if that is realistic (and healthy). I guess it might mimic paleo feasting and famine type feeding. Do you think this is worth a try?

Chris - we posted at the same time. Grass fed for sure. I go for US Wellness and order 50lbs of 87% lean hamburger. Every day I take 4 patties out of the freezer and eat them. I'm going to just have to add more oil to everything. I do have coconut oil. On eggs, those are nice to have but they really don't add that many calories or protein compared to other sources. Where do you find grassfed, unpasteurized whole milk (I'm picturing a cow in my backyard)?
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