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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
that zone obsession is probably overstressing your system and cortisol levels.
D*mn straight.
I think I'm going to Zone+Fitday for the next week or so, maybe more, just so I get the feel of what this high-fat, Paleo, veggie, cyclic-ish lifestyle feels like plate to plate and snack to snack.

I tried to jump into seat-of-the-pants mode, but I was still "Zoned out" in my head. This basically was like throwing all plans to the wind, and I couldn't wrap my mind around anything. It seems like most things (IF, dieting in general, Paleo, low-carb, doing WODs...) it's best to take the gradual approach.

I thought of another question. Since fat is a metabolically neutral macro supposedly, do you have to be so precise about balancing out how much you get per meal?
I mean, for the sake of argument, does
Meal 1@5x fat + Meal 2@5x fat = Meal 1@9x fat + Meal 2@1x fat
If the protein and carbs are the same for each?

I mean, I just felt like eating the Paleo pancakes this morning, and I was planning on saving a pancake for later to balance my fat throughout the day, but um.... they are so freaking good! Scarfed em all down, and entered fat bliss...
I mean, on the Zone it was like "ooh a whole 1.33 tsp of olive oil for my fat this meal, special!"
Now it's like "holy crap I am eating a 1/4 cup of almond butter." YES.

OOoh, and if I'm on a Strength/Power cycle with the sparse metcon thrown in, then CLC/MD is probably better suited then? With a PWO complex carbs for metcon if I feel like it I guess. So would the carb-up be best on a training day, or rest day, or just by feel? And what is the feeling of carb depletion?
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