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It's january 2008, and another update is in order.

I've reached my ligthest weight in years. BF% is around 8. Previously 10%. It's very noticeable on my physique. WOD's have continued to be "easy". More PR's....13 rounds of mary was most probably the highlight.

Major diet changes;
Kombucha daily.
Hemp products. Protein & shelled seeds. The amount of zinc and magnesium as well as fiber is why I think it's been so effective. I've tried ZMA, and almost feel that hemp is the real food product of ZMA. powerful stuff.
Lastly, not trying to eat seasonally, and really monitoring pwo carbs when necessary. Although the whole debate about replacing PWO carbs, my work volume is much higher now then it ever is, hockey, snowboarding, crossfit WODS, and the odd Olympic lifting session. So, it's PWO carbs if I ever don't have a full tank for a workout, and otherwise a high PRO/Fat diet.

I think it's important to mention that it's been a long road. Meaning, I am close to a year eating only paleo foods. and only 3 months of grassfed meats. I feel as though the longer I eat this way, the more my body is doing what it is supposed to do. If there's a debate on how long it takes your body to eliminate the toxin from grains, I would have to say it's consistent with my introduction to grassfed meats, which is 3 months. Another important point is that I haven't been sick since I've been eating a paleo diet.

I am trying to get some blood tests done, once I do i will post the results!
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