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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
I found this interesting, and made me think to pose the question...What is people's opinion on rapid eccentric training/deceleration training, what do you find it most useful for, and how often would you encorporate it into a program?
...although the Bosu thing at the end..why do I picture my hands sliding off and my face smashing into it.

I like this type of training...I've coined a unique term for it. Olympic Weight lifting! I know this might start a pissing match but the Elite fitness guys are great at cooking up stuff that is almost like Olifting...without Olifting! The band front squats/back squats are cool...what about cleans and snatch balances? Bands to increase rate of acceleration while jumping off a box? How about jumping off a taller box so Vmax at impact is greater?

I guess I'm just a simpleton but all the bands, chains and what-not of the PL'ing world (mainly WestSide) seems like a lot of gear and gizmos compared to learning the Olifts, box jumps, some glute ham work and learning the elements of tumbling like snap downs and round offs. I think the deceleration training is legit but having PL'ed and OL'ed I think more is to be gained, particularly for athletic endeavors, by learning the OL's and basics of tumbling.

The pistol whipping may now commence!
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