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Originally Posted by Brandon Enos View Post
Is there a reason that in the CA WODs snatchs and clean&jerks are on the same days?

I cant do the WODs here or on XFit, the randomized schedules usually cause to many conflicts with my schedule. However, I am putting together a new program based around snatchs and c&j for weightlifting and was just wondering if there was a reason theyre together versus apart?

As stated, Im looking to keep snatches and c&j the focus with this program, but at the same time, I wouldnt mind being able to add squats and/or deadlifts for the lower body and pullups/chinups for the upper body.

I'm not sure what schedule you have but the CA WOD is cyclic. 4 weeks of strength stuff, 4 weeks bulgarian, rinse and repeat. Go through the archives and look at the strength weeks where it has FS's, pull work and pullups also on top of c+j and snatches.
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