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Susie Rosenberg
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Saw the neurosurgeon today, and it ain't great news.

Apparently, I have a pretty tight cervical canal on a congenital basis, and because of osteoarthritis, I'm developing bone spurs (osteophytes) which are further impinging the cord, especially at c3/4.

My exam actually even scared me! I knew I've been feeling weak at the gym---can't squat any weight---but I had motor weakness in arms and legs that was obvious during the exam. (I didn't expect to see weakness on clinical exam, I thought it was only in relation to my usual weights in the gym.) Plus I had hyperreflexia in my lower extremities. So, yes, I have a degree of myelopathy.

Doc put me on a steroid taper and will see me back in six weeks. Told me to stay off my road bike, as any fall puts me at risk of cord injury because of the fragility of my c-spine. Told me not to lift heavy, but that's moot because I couldn't lift heavy even if I wanted to.

The funny part was, when I was telling him about when the symptoms first started, I said, "I was deadlifting really light, only 135 lbs." (I'm 145 lbs.) He looked at me like I was nuts and said, "That's a considerable amount of weight." Ha. Depends on who's sayin'.

In six weeks, we'll discuss surgical options.


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