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"I guess I'm just a simpleton but all the bands, chains and what-not of the PL'ing world (mainly WestSide) seems like a lot of gear and gizmos compared to learning the Olifts, box jumps, some glute ham work and learning the elements of tumbling like snap downs and round offs."

I thought the purpose of the bands, chains etc in PL'ing was to hammer out the weak spots in the individual's lift or to provide a different training stimulus/variant on the lift (same but different Pavel trademarked, copyrighted blather blather) in order to allow the athlete to continue working at close to max percentages without going stale.

Otherwise, I think your right. Bands etc looks like a bunch of interesting toys, but comparitlvely worhtless for teh beginner to intermediate strength athlete.

Conversely, I know DJ speaks highly of front squats with chains but maybe his purposes are different.

The bosu ball thing is strange to me. I'm not sure I get it.
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