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I've been taking JuicePlus+ for just over 2yrs now. It comes in capsules so you don't have to taste it, plus the capsule acts as an oxygen barrier so the nutrients stay alive longer.

I personally don't see any place for a multi-vitamin if you're taking a whole food supplement (depending on it's quality), multi-vitamins will contain around 30-40 nutrients in them, one apple contains 10,000+ nutrients, there is a massive difference in nutritional value. In addition, a multi-vitamin is made up from chemicals, not whole food, so the body unless deficient in that certain nutrient won't recognise what it is properly and it will just pass though. So if you eat a balanced diet during the day and take a whole food supplement, i don't see any need for a multi-vitamin, unless you're deficient in a certain nutrient and need a synthetic form of it to help balance the body up again, in which case you'll probably be wanting to get an isolated nutrient, not a multi-vitamin..

Did anyone read the study Opra funded? I'm not sure how legit it is or not, but apparently she used her own money to see which vitamin and mineral sups where the best ones. I think they tested a good thousand supplements on the market and something like 80-90% of them came back being completely useless in the body, most of them not even containing the amount of nutrients in them as described on the jar. And apparently the most popular supplements in the US where one of the worst ones tested. I can't remember the whole study.. but I'm pretty sure most whole food supplements came up at the top of the list for best sups, over the nutritional goodness of a multi-vitamin.
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