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Steve Shafley
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Decent vid overall.

I do have some similar positions as Robb and Greg though. Those band drop squat variations are very similar to olympic lifts. The only reason I could think of decoupling the movements is that it's specific for training deceleration and the absorption of force, but, that raises the question of why not do a clean or a snatch? You'd get the concentric action of the posterior chain as well as the deceleration for the same time commitment.

I've been reading Boyle's "Functional Training for Sport" and he's got some decent progressions for deceleration training using jumps and plyometrics, and that type of movement training seems more valuable for athletes than the one-planar stuff shown in the video.

Training to absorb force with the arms is much trickier. I'd imagine that doing that bosu ball work is at the end of a whole chain of progressively stressful exercises.

Some of the "Darksiders" have their heads in the sand (and up their asses) regarding some of the commandments handed down by Louie Simmons and the Elite FTS guys. I don't think they realize that Louie's training ideas are under continual evolution, and in most cases, are specific to equipped powerlifting training.
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