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First Post...New Log.

I've been a lurker around crossft, here, and Mike's Gym for a while...about a year actually...and I figured I would start posting my workouts here. I have been following crossfit during the spring, summer, and fall but I have since realize that I have drastic strength needs in my legs and my oly lifts.

Last max lifts as of 12/19/07:

Front Squat: 155...pounds....if you post in kgs I have to take out my calc and figure out what you are lifting.
DL: 245
Press: 105

Last oly max lifts on 1-14-08:

Clean/Jerk: 135, any more than that and and end up on my butt. I can power clean more than that though.
Snatch: 105

I plan on trying to follow this next 16 week mesocycle and see where it takes me. I have a gym nearby that doesn't care what I do and it has all the equipment that I need, which is nice. Any feedback is appreciated. I have no coach and unfortuanately I am the most experienced oly lifter in the area...with no exprience expect for some continuing ed courses (PT/ATC/CSCS), which are more like teaser courses than actual olympic training seminars.

Thank you for putting this site together and for any advice in advance that I receive.

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